1930 Fund For Nurses

Guidelines For Applicants

For or towards the relief of district nurses either generally or individually who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

District nurses means nurses who are on the roll of the Queen’s Institute of District Nursing and nurses who are or have been employed as one of the following: District Nurse, Community Nurse, School Nurse, Health Visitor, Community Midwife or Community Psychiatric Nurse.

There is a board of nine trustees, many of whom are registered nurses. They meet quarterly to administer the charity. The day-to day running of the financial affairs and grant applications is undertaken by the Trust Partnership.

Beneficiaries may be working, unemployed or retired and are often experiencing financial or health problems. Applicants must be able to produce evidence of their employment as registered nurses in the community.The Fund provides regular grants for help with living expenses; single grants may be made to help in the purchase of specialist equipment or for items of home maintenance.

Grants cannot be awarded to assist with:
care home fees
private healthcare
payment of debt
Payment of rent / council tax

The trustees can either award one-off grants for a specific amount, but applicants can only apply once a year. Or it may be more appropriate to establish a regular payment. These payments may be short or long term depending on the applicant’s circumstances.

If you do not fit the criteria of The 1930 Fund for District Nurses, please see list of other grant making Nursing Organisations.