How To Apply

Please complete and submit the online application form which can be accessed by clicking the link below.

This form may be completed by you or by somebody else on your behalf. If another person completes the form for you they can be a family member, a social worker or a representative of an appropriate organisation such as a welfare agency, residential home or Citizens Advice. Please ensure that you complete all the relevant sections of the application form in full, as failure to do so could mean that your application form is rejected.

Please note that the application form needs to be signed by you or the person applying on your behalf.

If somebody applies on your behalf they should include a letter of endorsement from an approved authority. By clicking the following link, a pop up window will appear. To close the window, click on the X in the top right corner and you will return to this page. (click here to see list).

If you are seeking funding for home adaptations, repairs or for the purchase of specific items please enclose a copy of the invoice or a quote for the works.


On receipt of the form the Administrator will assess the application and once happy that it is complete, it will be passed to the Fund’s trustees. The applicant will be informed of the Trustee’s decision as soon as possible. Once a grant is approved it will be made available to the beneficiary when the Administrator has all the necessary information.

If you have any questions, or if you would like help filling in your form please contact:

Mia Duddridge
The 1930 Fund for District Nurses
6 Trull Farm Buildings

Tel: 01285 841904
Fax: 01285 841576

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1930 Fund for District Nurses

6 Trull Farm Buildings · Tetbury · GL8 8SQ

Tel: 01285 841904
Registered Charity Number: 208312